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The Crap Goblin

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finally, a friggin cartoon.


see ya

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I have the power! hahahah!!!
Well now i kinda want to see a full Goblin series in a D&D universe (• ◡•)
GG's dude

I like the exaggerated animation style, even if it needs some polish, but the voice acting wasn't really clear. It's like everything was a little muddled. And well, the beginning kind of dragged on for a little too long only to repeat the same joke, but it was alright. As @lotica said, some things were kinda hit or miss.

I loved the animation on this one. It's very exaggerated and reminds me of a bobble head after awhile. It's very fun. The jokes were hit and miss, but I think the biggest problem was that the whole concept went on for FAAAARRR too long. It would have worked better as a one minute gag, but it just wouldn't stop, and it became a bit boring as it went on. Still, not a bad thing, and with some trimming of the jokes, it could work.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2021
2:41 PM EDT