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Confined with Goddesses

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Hello there! The time has cum for Sarena.

I just finished a GUIDE that contains a little bit of information about the game!

New content:

  • Sarena's story level 2
  • Rework of few images/animation on the introduction

Become a Patron beta tester and try the next update focused on EMMA this end of month!


After a few more testing I think I could never fix the micro lags on the web browser app, you should try the download version to get a better experience: Free to access post on patreon (no account needed)

You could also better manage your saves.

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Can't wait for the next update!


Serana seems to have a bug where she cannot progress beyond the call in the living room with her GF. past that, this updates pretty solid

The animation is great. The story is also, in some regards, pretty good. In other ways, it's outright trash. Sarena in particular is a horrible representation of bisexuality, because you treat her as a lesbian who starts to realize she isn't "really lesbian." Is it really that hard to understand that people can be attracted to both sexes? There's no need for this overused and offensively inaccurate trope. Without this, I could probably give 4 stars.

To be clear, I played until it gave me the option to see all of their stats. There are certainly other issues with this game, but I'm drunk and can't be bothered to spend any more time on this than I already have.

I will say, I'm curious where this representation of Corona went. It seemed to portray the virus in an over-the-top way, acting as satire of the ridiculous fear reaction that has been indoctrinated in most of society. I do hope this was the point, rather than some sort of plandemic narrative.

just waiting till its playable for laptop its has great potential for sure