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Magical Girl Transformation (Ribbon Princess)

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My first video!!! Hi everyone! I'm awesomestuffshows, but you can call me awesome! Newgrounds is basically my childhood, so I've always wanted to post here, but I've never thought I was good enough to. I'm sick of thinking that way, so here I am, finally!

Ribbon Princess was a script I wrote in 2014 about three sisters (who are also princesses) who possess magical powers and must use them to save their kingdom. The transformation sequence was something I always wanted to make, but didn't have the ability to (and the original movie was made with dolls anyway), so now that I'm studying animation I figured I'd give it a try! It was heavily inspired by other magical girl shows. (Their transformation items are the gloves, so that's why it's shown off at the beginning. Just for clarification)

Character Design, Original Concept, and Animation by: Awesomestuffshows

Music by: Darkhorse69420 (What my brother likes to be credited as. If there's an actual user named Darkhorse69420 somewhere, it's not them)

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Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2021
8:15 PM EDT