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Plight of the Fleshmen

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“And what does it amount to?” said Satan, with his evil chuckle. “Nothing at all. You gain nothing; you always come out where you went in. For a million years the race has gone on monotonously propagating itself and monotonously reperforming this dull nonsense—to what end? No wisdom can guess!" The Chronicles of Young Satan, Mark Twain

Animated short about a bunch of different things including but not limited to greed and violence.

Done in Clip Studio.

Sampled music: Optical Sound - The Human Expression

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The moral of the story is: Watch out for the skeletons.


Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground. Silly monkeys, give them thumbs they make a club and beat their brother down.

Right In Two

War! What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!

But I have to say, I mostly came here for the spoopy boys. I didn't really feel or latch onto most of the video like some other reviewers here, unfortunately. Maybe I'm just failing to see what others are seeing. But I stayed for the odd music. My favorite part though, because its genuinely intensely beautiful to me, is the last scene right between 2:49 to 2:53, seeing those two skeletons just tryin to whack each other as they lay underneath the stars.. First, the scene is beautiful and brilliant. Secondly, I would like to imagine that they are for all purposes, already dead/ unliving, and are slowly realizing how stupid they've been as they make peace between each other as they realize the insignificance of their petty dispute as they lay underneath the star canvassed skies of the cosmos, an entire ocean of precious life in the background that they could not have ever fathomed in the distance behind.

Love the vicious violence and hidden meaning in the video!

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2021
12:23 PM EDT