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Plight of the Fleshmen

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“And what does it amount to?” said Satan, with his evil chuckle. “Nothing at all. You gain nothing; you always come out where you went in. For a million years the race has gone on monotonously propagating itself and monotonously reperforming this dull nonsense—to what end? No wisdom can guess!" The Chronicles of Young Satan, Mark Twain

Animated short about a bunch of different things including but not limited to greed and violence. A friend said it was very marxist.

Done in Clip Studio.

Sampled music: Optical Sound - The Human Expression

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They mad because they lack genitalia.

It has a similar aesthetic to madness combat, but has a sense of, well, nonsensicalness. It really encapsulates that beginning quote, with the sporadic movements, violent advances, and the storytelling, even if there is little to no speaking or writing in this film. I'm definitely biased, too, because I absolutely love skeletons. The way that the characters go to such extreme lengths just to get what they want, to keep attacking, to get revenge, it truly is something else. And I'm all for it.

This is fine art

piedi sporchi

This is very odd, but also very fascinating.