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Lamp VS Moths

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Author Comments

Prepare to survive against a gargantuan moth army, only armed with a lamp...

WASD to move, CLICK to shoot

A game made by Nestiboy99

Special thanks to my brothers for helping me playtest and to Blackthornprod for teaching me everything i know, with his nice tutorials...

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good game. the concept is actually really good and the power ups are a nice way to keep the game interesting. the movement was nice and smooth and the art was really well done. one thing i would change is that i wish there was a scoring system so i can see hw well i did. over all a well made game.

Nesteaboy99 responds:

Hey there! The scoring system is a nice suggestion :D thanks for playing!

Interesting little game. It's short but fun. The whole game taking about 4 minutes makes it feel like a beta version of something bigger, but still works well. My comments are fairly straightforward, but mostly addressed as some consistency issues.

(+) Fairly polished interface and menus
(+) Game is self explanatory with a short learning curve
* There are explosions? of red, yellow, green, and black, that seem to sometimes do damage but sometimes don't. Do these signal next wave or just there as graphics? I don't know.
(-) There is no momentary invulnerability after taking a hit, so I can literally have 5 life and a boss mob hits me and i'm dead all at once. If you're going to give me multiple lives, there needs to be a buffer between when I get hit versus when I can take damage again, even it's just a second or half second.
(-) The boss moves at the same speed as his minions and so his hit box blocks minions from being able to be targeted, even with the splash damage weapon. So the boss is able to spawn 20+ enemies all over the map, and I physically can't control their numbers. This coupled with no life-loss buffer time, means its pretty easy to get overrun by the boss since player speed isn't fast enough to effectively kite minions spawning all over the map. I think the bosses movement speeds need to be adjusted slightly slower than minions, and possibly even bump the players movement speed by 5% or so. Some of the weapons already have limited range, so we have to be close to the boss anyway to even damage it.
* The white moth's "jump" attack is a little rough and the range isn't consistent of when it activates. It's almost like a cross shaped trigger box. Don't know for sure, but the distance they "jump" to attack me isn't always the same.
* The little red moths spawned by spawner moths almost want to be white, since red moths are projectile, half/halfs are tanks, the white moth are jumpers. The little red "spawns" have the same attack pattern as the white moths, so maybe think about linking those graphics and attack patterns a little more closely.
* The actual characters and enemies raster-like appearance don't really match graphically with your vector-like interface and backgrounds which are nice crisp. I'm not talking about color palette, just the look of the graphics of the lamp and moths seems lower quality than the rest of the game. Maybe something to look into.

I'm curious what the lamp did to get put on a wanted poster. Is this moth society and he's automatically dangerous because he's a lamp? Or do they want to capture him and use his light for their own purposes? I guess it doesn't matter, but still.

Nesteaboy99 responds:

Damn, that is a heck of a review...
First of all, thank you for taking your time and giving me some nice and useful feedback. I did the game in a relatively short ammount of time, so all playtesting feedback is more than welcome.
The backgrounds aren't vectors. Everything is hand drawn, personally i think they stand out from the bg just fine, but i appreciate a different perspective.
Hmmm... let's just say, the player might be the last lamp in the moth-apocalyptic world, making him very valuable to moth-society xD

Great Shooter!!
The Music here is awesome and I like the idea of A lamp killing moths
I hope to see more of this game

Nesteaboy99 responds:

Thanks!! I am planning on releasing an update with new stuff, hopefully soon haha

Flashlight goes pew pew...

Nesteaboy99 responds:

bang bang!

Nice arcade game.

Nesteaboy99 responds:

Thanks, i appreciate that!

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2021
7:46 AM EDT