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The SpongeMonkeys Are Trying To Mooch In On The Kittens And Tell Me Which Do You Think Is Better Spongemonkeys Or Kittens Tell Me Which You Like BestThnx . :)


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Were you the one who thought of those Quizno subs commercials? 'Cuz that was cool! XD

It's here?!

This has gone on to become one of the most significant flash animations ever seen on the Internet! Did this website have it first? It's just great to see this here to show that Newgrounds is and always will be the flash capital of the world. The artwork in this is great. I love how these spongmonkey's are just floating around with their body parts just shaking all the time. It's completely nonsensical, which makes it funny.

It's great to see that you have gone on to do other great things. I just think that this gives off a good sense of being in a pleasant place. The background is extremely pleasant. The tone of this kind of reminds me of the Andy Milonakis "Superbowl Is Gay". It's just silly looking people (or spongemokeys in this case) saying random stuff that comes to their minds.

We like the subs!

My rating is 10. Want to know why? Because these animations were pretty much the first of their kind putting big moving lips, cute little actions with wtf eyes, toss in some music and blam! New Genre.

I have to say when I first found rather good, my first impression was not very far from "wtf?" However I grew to love these little animations and original and very, very random music as well. I actually did not like this animation very much when I first saw it and it was months later when I saw a -slightly- different version of it on TV.

It was a commercial for Quiznos to the tune of "We like the subs!" and, I have to say, that was the coolest thing to me. Out of curiosity, what are you doing nowadays Joel?

we like da m0o0on!

i love the sponge monkeys alot more.. lol i loved it when they were on the subway commercials.


Omg! ssssooooooooo funny! but personly i like the kittens better! *NOTE* PEOPLE HE SAID WHAT ONE WE LIKE BETTER!

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3.83 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2003
11:33 PM EST
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