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pixel tetris

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song composed by classical 8-bit

i based the size of the board based on the size of the tetriminos which is why it is a weird numbers, 23x23. i think its hard to image how small it actually is so here is how it would look like if it was actual size


im am surprised with how visually understandable it is at this size.

it has a total of 897 frames (this is because i accidentally deleted 3 somewhere in the middle and i didnt notice it until i was pretty much done editing)

i wanted to add a piece counter to see how many pieces you've received of each but the board was too small to allow it

for those of you confused, the counter to the right is supposed to say "Line"

i came up with most numbers so that i could display them as in the line section but i couldnt come up with 3 or 8 , and i only ended up using 0,1,4,and6

since the playing area is 10x20, the pieces need to lean towards one sice since you cant really put them directly in the middle(besides the I piece) so here's the guide i used


another weird thing that i needed to pay attention to is the rotation of the pieces so here's the guide i used for that


editing was the worse part, i had to add all the bleeps and bloops for rotating, translating, setting a piece, clearing anything less then 4 lines, clearing 4 lines, game start, and game end , quite a tedious process, im not supper happy with the results and i think it could have been better but its the best i could

i was so thankful that 1) the song NES teris uses fall on public domain 2) someone (besides tetris) made an 8bit version and 3) they have it under creative commons

any(many)ways, thankfully im done with this, and i can move onto another project

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Dude, this is art

Damn! That's good!

anymany responds:

thank ya

Awesome context put in the description for the build. Dope!

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Jun 18, 2021
4:22 PM EDT
  • Aseprite