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2021 birthday video (mmd)

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A video I started making like what, 10 days ago?

Something something symbolism im big boy now


Teto and swamp model: Masisi (swamp can be found here)

Goat and paths (roads in the video): Me, also known as NordGeit. I'll release the current version after fixing something...

Sound effects: Taken from the Madness Combat series, that being the packs provided by CturiX Kemilon. Hope it's fine for me using the madness sound effects for something entirely else.

Oh and also my fiddling with bfxr, most sounds have already been made druing production of my last video, The French Bread Tree

Visual effects: AutoLuminous4 and MotionBlur3 by Soboro

Software used: MMD, jacked up with MMPlus and MME, kdenlive, GIMP and Audacity

MMD NOTE: For those unfamiliar, MMD creators generally let people use their assets if they publish them provided they credit the original creators. This counts for motion files, effects, models, and other such assets. The main fiber of the MMD community is different enough to, say, SFM that I believe it should be considered a different entity.

I'll maybe make a behind the scenes video afterwards, but for now, enjoy some of my favourite frames, some taken in-production, and bloopers.


The Outside Parent function that keeps the goat together has a slight delay, and sudden movements using the interpolation curve creates wonderful things like this frame.


From the very beginning of the project. Just assembled the goat, and before I disabled ground shadows because they were messing with things.




This was while I managed to mess up some positioning and before reverting. I sent this frame to my pal (forgot to put you in the credits aaa) who was my only source of feedback, and he sent this back.


Files from test renders and a couple memz while making it.


It was my first time using AutoLuminous, and I found out that by using the bodycolour sliders you could make'em glow. If you're interested for some reason to use the goat, change its colour and using autoluminous without having it glow, use the bodyprime morph which darkens the goat to as dark as it gets. Might make the prime morph for the horns but i think its fun the way it is.


I think it's always fun to see the characters when you're about to reset their pose.


I believe this was during an earlier version of the earthquake where I forgot to turn off the motion blur.

ok thats all for now

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Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2021
12:53 PM EDT
  • Kdenlive
  • Gimp
Misc. Kit
  • Audacity
  • Bfxr
  • MikuMikuDance