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Zelda 2 Mockup Trailer

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Took me a total of around 11 months, 675 hours in Aseprite, and about 15-20 hours in Adobe Premiere. Was it worth it, and am I still sane? Probably not. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget to check out my YouTube. Once we reach 100 subscribers, I'll do an in-depth making of video for both this and my George Lopez animation.

Here's the credits:


Website: www.GLASYSmusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GLASYSmusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/GilMusicVideos

Instagram: www.instagram.com/GLASYSmusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/GLASYSmusic

for the palace theme, which you can find here:


Also to



For the Dark Link theme cover.

I also used Splice and various video games for the sfx throughout.

Lastly, this channel and I do not claim any right over any of the songs used in this video. All rights reserved to the respective copyright owners.

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WOW!!! that was an Awesome Remake with Pixel/Art and Spectacular Music!!!

Ooooooo, me like. Zelda was the first adventure type game, so this is golden.

Easy five star. Beautiful from start to finish, and really captures the feel of the og Zelda 2. You can really feel the love poured into this trailer mockup. The length was also super surprising for a trailer so I can appreciate the extra effort.

I love the old school Zelda feel here! back when the rules of 'LOZ lore' was looser and the game carried more of a European Fairytale feel to it! There's points that the graphics and effects seem limited, but it's obviously done to keep with the aesthetic of the old pixel games where putting too much would eat the frame rate!
Oddly enough, one of my favorite things is the Gannon design at the end! He just looks so menacing, like any proper villain should!

Soooo cool! Great work!