Mario's Trip

January 27, 2003 –
April 11, 2011
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Bowser began to pin Mario down assuming an ancient male response. As he did so, the sheet that covered his legs exposed bare flesh until finally tipping over, revealing a sweet, firm ass. He wasn't thinking about his reputation as the mushroom kingdom's most wanted crim, it didn't cross his mind about the possible tarnishing of his name amongst the koopa troopas and his other minions. Caution was thrown to the wind when Bowser pressed his muscle bound build onto Mario, who accepted the reversed role by spreading his thighs and letting the beast undo his dungarees and meet with his fat trembling body...


pretty funny how its in perspective mario really is trippin half the time

The animation was terrible. The voice-acting was hard to hear, even at full volume on my headphones. On the brightside, it all kinda worked out for this, the crappy voice acting and crappy animation along with a crappy plot made it all suprisingly funny, enough so that I sent it to a bunch of my friends. I doubt it was intentional, but it worked anyways, and you get a 3/5 for that :P

the story was way too hard to follow and what does that mean?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Poor mario. we all know what hes on... i will see part 2 and all.

for a second try at flash thats better than what i could do but with the voices try to make the words a bit more clearer but yeah, i picked out "ya wanna play with my knife" lol keep up the good work :)

What the hell! That was really funny!!

that cracked me up! I had to watch it twice to understand it!

Thats crazy.... and i like it. Cant wait for part 2!

Not bad. Strange that it's being dragged up out of its "watery grave" now, oh well tis funny, but shouldn't Mario really be left alone for the family to enjoy?

this is truly hillarious, who cares if you cant hear what is said, its amazing annyway

Ya know, dont breath into the microphone next time

lmao lolololol hahahah that was sum funny shit hhaahahahhahah good job man shroom on shroom on as i will

enormous, giagantic, waste of my life

this movie sucks badly

you want too play with my knife lol only funny part

Very funny but the quality is super poor! its hard to make out what their saying and I can't find the second part. Other than that its good

you want to play with my knife, eh?

i wish it were longer! :\ tooo short but funneh. i couldnt understand wut they were saying o_o

that was funny i loved it so much lol

fuck those guys they couldent make a flash...................... if they tried,eh
by the way your better than me i cant even fiqure out how to put in sound with a mc. or music if you know email me please your so good it was kinda hard to understand next one make it more clear


i could not understand some of the words they were saying all they were saying was jibberish...you gotta work on the voices next time :Þ..

if people don't like your work, then they should make their own flash! *tL

'ima gon jump all over your head'!!!!lol
lets see part 2 (i think it should have buttons and captions next time cuz it was hard to understand at times)

the graphics really let this movie down, they seemed to get worse and worse. still funny though.

Yeah, you need better voices, and perhaps use sprites to replace those horrid graphics.

PLEASE make this movie over with some subtitles. PLEASE

That really sucked. Dude maybe if u spent more time on the graphics and sound and the storyline over all, maybe u would have a higher score. Otherwise, stop making retarted movies.

Why did you even try, that was probably the most horrible thing i have ever seen in my life. May god have rest on your soul.

WtF Was That? That Was The WORST Animation(s) I Have Ever Seen! You Fucking Suck Dude, Get The Fuck Outta NG.

OK well i like the idea of seeing mario in different style as to what he is on a normal base, ok now the the audio really really needs work, also i would advise to adding some backrounds, which would add more detail to the movie...


That was SO funny, I love to watch it over and over, it never gets old!

I know it looks crappy, but just hearing it is do DAMN funny!

PLEASE maker another one, this one kicked ASS (besides the graphics and hard-to-hear sentences)

BTW: Please put in subtitles, I couldn't really make out what they were saying

sorry, but it sucks.
the sound is horrible, the animation is...lacking, and it's not funny...at all.
don't submit this kind of stuff. it's just going to get blammed.

reason y i gave it a 10 on humor is cuz i laughed at how STUPID and RETARDED it was

yeah like I said!

I had a very hard time understanding the dialogue. Not to worry. I believe you'll get better at this. You have potential for some real good work.

it really all makes perfect sense now!


ok it was a tinybit funny but i cant hear wtf tey say so make them louder and plz learn how to draw, no offence but ur drawings look like shit on
a stick

Dude, the graphics and drawing may have been on the downside, but I know funny when I see it. You got a 5 from me.

That was some funny stuff there, the sounds needs a bit of work cause the voices were hard to understand sometimes. A like the part where he says "Want to play with my knife!" ahahahaha. You got my vote, that was some funny stuff.

It was kinda fast and difficult to understand what the characters were sayng ,but the point was clear" Mario is a drugatic". jepp.

I must agree with the previous reviewer as this guy shoild've taken more time. Also, it's kinda like the "behind the scenes" flash with Mario addicted to Mushrooms... too much of an infringement. Better off looking at the Mario flashes in the Video-Game Paraody section.

I think, if more time had been taken on it, it would have been a great movie. Like, not everyone is going to read the explanation before they see the movie (as I did). The sound was completely incoherent, the artistry was adequate at best, but at least the music was on key. Take your time on the sequel, and I sure will keep an eye out for it.

It was funny, but the sound was almost impossible to decipher, it was too fuzzy. The visuals were kind of basic but they do the job. The Mario music was spot on though.

that was pretty good... the sound was kind of crappy, and the animation was sorta jumpy, but it was still really funny... nice work overall!


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