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George W. Bush Backwards

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Update June 21st, 2003: I'm checking all my old portal entries from three years ago (yes, 2000 was a long time ago!) And I just love to see people who complain about graphics and stuff--when they forget to take into consideration how old this damn movie is. Anyways, I admit it's still not the best movie, far from it even it's prime, but you have to remember this was the kind of stuff that was on the portal a long time ago, and before you start calling me other insults, jesus, get over it, I was one of the original developers on this damn portal, and I haven't worked with Flash since. Anyways, that's all, just wanted to REMIND you guys this was made a long time ago with older versions of Flash and by an amateur. Peace. -HM
This is TRUE. I dunno why sometimes the sound didn't work, if it has problems let me know.

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It was okay I guess, but it would have been funnier if his mouth didn't look like it was about to engulf his entire freaking head. You should have made his mouth move normal.

PS... why does everyone hate Bush? I don't care one way or another.. I just think he's got a funny monkey face. O_o

it was ok

u dumasses who already reviewed its sposd 2 b FUNNY so if u dont get jokes then u shouldnt review idiots go outside and get a sense of humor. the flash was good cuz i hate bush so rock on!

Boring.... I-)

Wow! He said something and backwards it sounded like a racist slur a TINY bit. Yippie freakin' skippy!

That was stupid

I really hate Bush and all, but that was just plain stupid

just plain stupid

i agree with yellow_dwarf...do something worthwhile and quit making these kinds of stupid flash movies, i believe you can do better

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2.42 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2000
11:40 PM EST