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Clinical Nursing Orientation

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Hi all,

As a higher education educator, I am fascinated by the endless possibilities that gamification brings as a novel teaching methodology. I made this game as a way to change the old orientation style that nursing students have to undergo prior to commencing their clinical rotations. Students in health professions are usually very anxious and nervous during their first clinical experiences with real patients. This game was made also with the idea to ease the student's anxieties and fears, by making it into a fun experience. This game presents ground rules that students have to follow during clinical and presents "obstacles" that students will encounter such as (homework, germs, injuries, and anxieties). Students must battle these obstacles in order to progress through the game. The goal is for students to obtain the 6 digits code that my avatar will give out after they have seen all 12 patients, and have talked to everyone in the hospital. Once they have the 6 digits code, my avatar will award them with the "Orientation Certificate". Students are then required to take a screenshot of this in-game certificate as proof of completion.

I would much appreciate some feedback on improving the game mechanics or ideas for future games. Thank you kindly,



Skill: "Catch my breath" costs no MP. Restores 130HP and 45MP.

Statuses: End with battle.

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Credits & Info

Jun 10, 2021
7:59 PM EDT