Psycho Boy Jack 01

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This was not that funny but I thought that the animation was good. There will be more episodes if people wants to see. The music is from "Me,Myself,and Irean" the sound track. I don't know, watch and enjoy!



Whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! This IS from Nny!!! ......Why's the dog in the house...? Anway, .................I really dunno what to say. I'll admit I LIKED it, but still that's kinda.............i unno.......


dood you totally stole this off johny the homicidal maniac,
i should know i got the comic book just last week and you just used some small changes to hide it

you should be ashamed

but other than that not bad


This was not that good actually. Was it the best you can do? Or did you make it like that just because it looks funny? Im mostly talking about the way the dude walks.

it was ok

it was ok but it rips off johnny the homicidal maniac but from that it was ok

...JTHM ripoff...

wow, thats just waaay too similar to JTHM (Johnny The Homicidal Maniac) by Jhonen Vasquez. allow me to post the dialogue from the comic to show this.

Survey guy: *rings doorbell*
Nny (Johnny's nickname): Yes?
Survey Guy: Hello there!! Say, I couldn't help but notice your house number, 777? Thats funny! Isn't that, like, the number for heaven or something? Heheh.
Nny: Does this look like heaven?
*a few frames later*
Nny: Did you want something?
Survey Guy: Oh, yes! I'm from the neighborhood crime council, it's a survey on the recent wave of violet crimes, so I'd just like to a....
Nny: GET IN HERE!! 2 nights ago, I was taking a walk at night, and this little chihuahua started following me!!! Goddammit!! It Knew!! I ran, and finally lost it and made it home!! But it knew!! It knew!! DID THE DOG SEND YOU?!

See what I mean? Theres more in there thats similar to this animation, so I call it a ripoff. BTW, Pyscho Boy Jack is the name of a song by The Dust Brothers (did the Fight Club soundtrack), I believe they used it as the audio in the pentagon conspiracy flash as well if you want to hear it.


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Jan 27, 2003
2:02 AM EST
Comedy - Original