Virtual Drum Kit

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I started making this game in my free time about two months ago... and one day i went on newgrounds and i saw a game called virtual drum set. I tried to make this game better than that one. Some bonuses are more drums/cymbals, drumstick cursor, the ability to remover cymbals or drums, and interactive pre-loader, and a button to toggle between high and low quality. THank For taking the time to view this.
Oh yah... to open and close the high_hat hit up and down.


i want this to be all that is left when mankind has faded into another distant memory. i want the aliens to find this, and only this, once they finally figure out how to access our web. i want them to eternally question whether this succeeded in surpassing the original 'virtual drum set'. i cannot express this enough: the only thing that should be left is this page.

Well this game was made in 10 years ago, it's really old, so are the graphics, drum sounds, etc.

It's good in any way. :\


Improve Graphics, get rid of that stupid hand cursor and make it run smother. Then You may have a nice game, but right now, it's rubbish.

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this isent beter then virtual drumset you lick balls why are you trying to compeat anyway? are you some 8 year old kid who thinks he is better than any one? dude grow up or shoot your self no one likes it and no one ever will , rot in hell you compitive little basterd

TWO THUMBS WAY....DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do not play not worth it

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2.08 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2003
7:20 PM EST
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