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Tracer tangled in tentacles.

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This is the 3rd part of this scene, focusing on Tracer first. Next is Widowmaker + tentacles.

Voice: twitter.com/shiyonvoices

Other stuff I'm working on + extras:


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Daedric Lords get horny too

That "SPLORP" at 0:52 shocked me. The foley/ SFX and VA work on this are superb and match the quality Lighting and expressions ( Love me some Neon. Not one part of the body has that paper doll effect. I don't know what pact you made to produce such exquisite liquid effects but BRAVO.

This is exactly my kind of content. Keep it up!

I dislike tentacles quite a bit but this is a great animation. Hopefully in the future she can actually take dick instead of this weird tentacle stuff though that would be so much better.

Thorough, atmospheric, real end and all... this was great. So smooth too.