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Wife Quest

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The game present here is a demo. We're working hard to complete the game. Please consider:

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In Wife Quest, you have only one mission: Rescue Fernando, your husband kidnapped by a dark elf witch called Morganna. Along the way, you’ll have to face her fellow monster girls.

In this 2D platformer game contemplating the best retro style, we venture out with Mia, a super cute and charismatic ex-warrior who now lives beside Fernando, a simple peasant. She is just a little jealous and stressed (but only with the ones who hit on Fernando). Help Mia’s journey on giving a good lesson to those thieves, so they will never be so bold!


  • Hi-fidelity graphics: Beautiful pixel arts, animation, and key arts;

  • A wild journey: Different environments, such as hills, forests, volcanoes, caves. Each with its own challenges;

  • Many challenges: Face different types of monster girls like goblins, lamias, slimes, and so on;

  • Funny plot: Animated dialogues with a lot of humor between the jealous Mia and the ones who get on her way;

  • Finish her!: Watch the MIA punish those thieves;

  • Grow stronger: Improve Mia’s attributes by gaining skills from bosses and buying equipment at the Ymir’s Store;

  • Unlockable content: Songs from Wife Quest radio, key art gallery (with images from the girls and the couple), mini-games, Mia’s finishes, achievements, and speed run scores;

  • Replay factor: Unlock a new model with greater difficulty and keep the visual changes for Mia.


If you want a more robust experience, the Wife Quest demo is also available for Windows on SteamItch.io, and Gamejolt! Check it out!

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Muito bom o jogo! Na fase das colunas gregas com as plataformas frágeis que caem - tem um buraco com umas três plataformas que está com problemas (não sei se só pra mim). Tem uma plataforma sólida e duas frágeis que caem quando pula em cima. A última plataforma não tem altura pra subir nas próximas (caso caia ou desça por segredos). Fiquei emperrado ali - fui me matar e bugou que fiquei caindo infinitamente e deu tela preta

Espero que dê tudo certo aí pra vocês! Vejo muito sucesso no trabalho de vocês <3

wife quest.

Good game. Pretty pixel art, and funny kill animations/dialouge. I kinda wanna fuck fernando after all is said and done.
Change skip kill animation to tap instead of hold.
Maybe make a way to give up from save points for those who wanna grind for coins in the future?
Maybe make the button for the shield C instead of A? I like having all of my buttons in a row.

i dowloaded this game in steam

stop speaking for the love of god

Basic gameplay, don't really like needing to hold z to skip finisher animations, skipping the animation should be done by just pressing the button, each enemy should have multiple finishers to keep it more fresh. I found this exploitable bug where if you press the jump button multiple times fast enough, you kinda perform a double jump, makes the platforming even easier than it already is. Another issue I have is that the game just lags on me, I'm pretty sure it is not from my device because it only happens in some places, then sometimes when I go to a new zone the lag is gone. Could use some more features to prevent the repetitiveness, but overall it is a pretty decent game.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

May 29, 2021
12:09 PM EDT
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
  • Aseprite