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Don't Save the Princess 0.3.1

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Princess Plum just wants some personal time, but Runman won't stop "rescuing" her. Teaming up with the villain and his army of minions, she aims to take matters into her own hands!

Don't Save the Princess is an inverted runner in which you control the obstacles instead of the running character. Properly time and combo spikes, smashers, and projectiles in order to slow down Runman level after level. Hold him off for long enough and you'll unlock new dialogue scenes... and maybe Princess Plum will finally get some time to relax.

This version is everything that's been done so far (the complete first three worlds of the game), featuring six unique CGs. I'm hoping to get feedback on the base gameplay before we begin work in earnest on the final version. If you want to follow development, you can find it on Steam here:


I also have some completely free games that you can find here:



Those links are SFW, but the games are very much NSFW. Anyway, hope you enjoy this little experiment!

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Having beaten World 2, so far I can say this is a surprisingly amazing game. The gameplay is actually pretty nice, especially with powerups, and the item system is really cool. I'm unsure entirely if the throwers can crit, but I think it'd be an interesting mechanic if you could upgrade them so they can catch the spike on the way back, then toss it again with some tight timing.
Also, the rewards at the end of each world are phenomenal. The art isn't animated, but it absolutely doesn't even need to be with how the writing is for the scenes. It's better than half the VNs or whatever I find on this site in terms of quality and shit! Good luck with the future releases, I'll definitely look forward to them.
Beat World 3, all my points still stand. The little bits of dialogue between levels are also really cool!

SierraLee responds:

Thanks for the kind words! If you want to follow the game, I give news via all my channels, or you can use Steam if you don't want news about other projects.

fun fact you cannot surpass 8x max combo and endless mode is for farming if your upgrade locked

as much as i like to give 5 star reviews, this might actually be one where i genuinely cant think of any major flaws. the gameplay is fun and addicting, and doesnt get in the way of the sexy action. in fact, id say its the perfect length to get slightly bored at it, get back to the sex scenes, masturbate, and then be ready to have more mindless fun. all in all, great, sexy addicting game that has a great concept and great execution as well. 10/10

SierraLee responds:

Glad to hear the balance of content worked for you! We hope to improve all aspects of the game before the final version, but it will definitely deliver more of the same as well.

The final quest for getting 250 coins in one level is bugged. Other than that, great game!

SierraLee responds:

Hmm, we'll have to take a look into that. Glad you enjoyed the game!

That is fucking awesome