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Play as a little kiwi, and with your trusty grappling hook, go on an adventure to the deepest depths of the darkest cave. But be aware of any dangers within...


  • 3 unique environments
  • An engaging grappling mechanic
  • 35 gems to collect
  • Hours(?) of fun

The controls are, if you forget:

WASD/Arrow keys to move

Space/Up/W to jump

Left mouse button to grapple

Have fun, and try and beat our current world record holder, at 68.40s! Good luck!

Made for Ludum Dare 48

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I want to like this game more than I do, but it just feels unfinished. The hitboxes for the terrain seem off, the player just feels slightly too big for the levels, and the end screen is barely an end screen, just a final room with text congratulating you with a crystal count and a broken timer. But then the grapple mechanics, more work needs to be put in before it can be even be fully functional. I've had issues with colliding on the air and stopping dead, the grapple phasing through my target and not hooking, leading to a few deaths, the hook not going where my mouse was, and just the handling of the grapple felt clunky. Also, having the camera tied to your cursor which you will be swinging around in order to use the grapple wasn't a great decision.

All that being said, the art and music in this game is pretty good, the retro Gameboy styling of the art looks great and the music fits really well with a chaotic dive into the depths. Having the optional collectables is nice, and the idea for the game seems like it could make a very fun platformer, but in my eyes more work needs to be put into the game itself for me to fully appreciate the art and side features.

Cool game! The only complain i have is that i feel that the player is a little too big. Other than that everything's cool

cant find all the gems
Im missing one.

Its a good game even if its challenging

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

May 28, 2021
5:46 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • ChipTone
  • GraphicsGale