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Heya!! Thanks for watching! This animation was something I had to put together for my college's animation class final! We had to make a 15 second short, so I thought my OC, Penny, was a perfect fit for a quick skit!

It was really tough, especially with figuring out how to animate a character in ToonBoom by turning Penny into a puppet rig!! A lot of it was done towards the tail-end of the project's due date, so I feel that many parts were a bit rushed and could have been animated a lot better. I decided to keep the animation as is when editing for the public version though. I figured it was best to be honest about how the project turned out, and use it as a motivation for future ideas I decide to create!

"Highwind" by toconoma was an inspiration for the animation, but I wasn't allowed to use copyrighted music for the class anyways... which fortunately comes in handy with the Newgrounds guidelines lol.

All in all, I'm still proud of how it turned out, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well!! <3


Art and Animation done in CSP and ToonBoom respectively

Music is "Beat-Stick" by Ketsa (via freemusicarchive.org)

[Animation was made 4/26/2021]

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Great work

backgrounds look pretty


Sick flips bro!

Nice! A really cool short. I love the design of your OC and the animation is really cool!