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SafeCrack! [Demo v3.0]

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Author Comments

Hello anyone reading!

This is the list what was added in the game:

  • System & bugs fixes;
  1. 2nd puzzle fixed settings;
  2. 3rd puzzle "floating bug fixed";
  3. 6th puzzle system changed;
  4. The new "Oops" Achievement fixed a bit;
  5. Settings fixed due to your level;
  6. Music syncs to your level;
  7. 1st and 2nd puzzles are no more random;
  8. Restarting the game fixed due to your level;
  • AS (Arrows + Space) Keyboard Mode for PC;
  1. Press Up/Down key to switch between objects.
  2. Press Spacebar key to confirm.
  3. In puzzle 7, while the changing sprite selected, press Left/Right key to change the puzzle_7 variable.
  • 2 new puzzles added to the game;
  • Working SFX system;
  • Button "Menu" in settings;

The next update will be first official version of SafeCrack!, not a demo anymore.

So this is what I hope will be showed in it:

  • Art fully redone (60%);
  • LK (Literally Keyboard) Keyboard Mode (50%);
  1. Press keys 1-9 on level 1 to solve puzzle 1;
  2. Press keys 1-6 on level 2 to solve puzzle 4;
  • New Tutorial Mode (40%);
  • Language (20%);
  • Manual English (20%)
  • XP system;
  • 2 new puzzles;

Click on settings button (on menu it's bottom right) choose "The annoying Tutorial Mode". It can help, but you can always turn it off. Sometimes you need to know sth about the puzzles, click the Manual button (it's bottom left)

In settings you can check out credits, variables hide/show the mouse, change volume of music, etc.


To restart the level you're currently in, click the purple button above the 1st puzzle. To return to menu right after you played, click "Menu" in settings.

LEVEL 1 (Puzzle 1-3)

For this version variables tell the code e. g. the left variable is 1368 and right is 863.

  1. On the 1st puzzle (on the right below the Purp Button) click "8", " 6", "3" OR use your keyboard: 8, 6, 3.
  2. On the 2nd puzzle (with an arrow rotating) click on digits: "1", "3", "6" "8". Got something wrong in this puzzle? Got the "1-4-6-8"? No worries! Click "3"!
  3. After that... ROTATE! See that thingy above the 2nd? It's the 3rd puzzle (aka "spinner"). While there's a mouse on it, it keeps rotating. With UDSp Keyboard Mode you can make it easier. Or use arrows on keyboard, idk. Continue rotating until it brings you to another level.


  1. A Simon Says task and switch buttons. Simon Says: repeat after left panel by clicking buttons on the right one. Once the counter turns to "Tick", you solved this puzzle!
  2. Switchers: It's also a code e. g. 1-0-1. At the begining those switchers are: 0-0-0. You see? The 2nd one is '0' which the same as in the code. It will light in white. That means it's set correct. Now click on first switcher, your code will be '1-0-0' and it will also light up. Click on the 3rd switcher, and your code is correct! (1-0-1 == 1-0-1)


  1. The 6th puzzle is presented by the Caesar Cipher. Click on the circle in the middle to rotate. Once two "letters" are same on both circles, the outer circle rotates once. But to complete the puzzle it should be rotated 3 times at least. I personally recommend to do this puzzle at the end.
  2. The 7th puzzle are two variables and a displayer (aka "changing sprite"). One of the variables is an indicator you need to change to make it same with the var below twice. 1st time you need to make to 100. The 2nd time the var will become a random digit. Good luck ]:)
  3. The 8th puzzle is so easy, that I'm going to make it harder in the next update. Just click the switcher. If it points down after your click, it's correct!

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I have no idea what I'm supposed to be going also the repetitive music gets annoying

NeronWhite responds:

I am so sorry about this inconvenience but both problems can be solved!
1) Check out the tutorial for an earlier demo.
2) The music can be switched OR turned off in settings
Edit: if everything's OK, change your rate please

Much better compared to the last two demos

NeronWhite responds:

Thanks! That's the best review I've ever got!
Unfortunately, some things are not fully done in this demo.