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Megaman Hour - Episode 1

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About Roll I've read that in some games, they are not related. lets go with that. But why can't you hit on your sister?

Megaman Sitcom!

Only thing is that maybe it can be a little hard to hear during the phone conveo?


I never knew...

I never knew that mega man was such a huge fan of Adam Sandler and/or the movie Billy Madison..
Not a bad video.. Not hilariously funny, but not entirely un-funny either.. Just kind of there..
Good potential.

ValorXII responds:

Oh yeah, he loves em.

Would have been better but...

Ok Ok Ok... I saw BILL MADISON written all over this from the phone convo, and then on. Great concept, ok art, bad sound, bad idea. Try harder and think up some of your own Comedy.


that whole script was a piece of crap...the phone thing was stolen from billy maddison and the beer thingy was stolen directly from spimspons and other shows and not like you ripped them off like...DIRECTLY plagurized...and teh stuff you wrote yourself was ok....I guess...animation ok voices sux

its belh


Not too shabby

Mmmm... just try to find a better microphone, and work a little on the bodies' movements. The plot is somewhat interesting, I grant you that. Just a tweak here and there and you'll have a good one. Keep working.


I am sorry Mega Man and Roll are siblings. Even if they are robots they are still siblings. To have even Megaman sugest they should do that is just wrong. Please do some study on the Mega Man Series before continuing on with this series.

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3.47 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2003
12:46 AM EST
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