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SpunkStock: Music Festival v0.3[v0.4 Out Now. Link in Description]

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Author Comments

V0.4 is Out NOW! Play it instead.

Play here.

This is the SpunkStock v0.3 Public Build!

The current build is focused around Toto, and various QoL changes. The shop system has character Pin-ups and even sneak peeks at our v0.4 character, Yoni!

PC build can be downloaded here: Itch.io PC Download


Currently the game is supported by both solo mouse and/or solo keyboard play (Or both you so want.)


Left-Click = Move, Confirm

Right-Click = Interact/Talk.


Arrow Keys = Move

Z = Confirm

X = Interact/Talk.

Space/Esc = Pause/Menu.


If the game doesn't seem to load, this game is built through WebGL. It may not work on certain browsers (It should work on Firefox or Chrome), and may not work on mobile. Sorry :(

If the game STILL doesn't load, check to ensure you are accepting cookies. (Apparently ad-blockers can cause issues as well).

If all fails, there is a PC download of the game in the itch.io link.


Support would be greatly appreciated! Patrons will have access to the next build of the game up to a month early. Come check us out :)

SpunkStock's Patreon

If you wish to show your support through other avenues and keep up to date on our current status check out the Discord, or have a look at the team member's Twitters.


SpunkStock's Discord Server


Regulus: Lead Developer, Animator, Pixel Artist, Composer.

SpunkStock's Twitter

AmHidden: Artist, Pixel Artist.

AmHidden's Twitter

Wishful Simping: Composer.



  • New Character: Toto
  • New Modifiers: Glass, Mini
  • New Game Type: Endurance Mode (exclusive to Toto at the moment and can be accessed by exploring dialogue options after her completion)
  • Climax animations for all 3 characters.
  • New Keybind feature
  • Fast Travel for all characters
  • Additional pin-ups in the shop
  • You can now enter the shop. Which has a new character(currently has no dialogue or H-scenes)
  • You no longer "spend" tokens when purchasing S and SS rewards. You just need to reach the requirement.(This is so S and SS rewards can change every build, and data can transfer to future builds without conflict on spent resources.) PS: Data will not save between Newgrounds builds at the moment, however the next version introduces save codes.


  • An outline appears on buttons selected by keyboard.
  • Tempo, Double, and Sap have been re-balanced to fit Endurance Mode.
  • Choosing "Quit" in song now brings you out in front of the girl, not at the Campsite.
  • Tents are now colored, and have a sign out front representing the resident.
  • An option to skip to Toto has been temporarily added due to data not transferring from v0.2
  • Added a system for randomized modifiers.(Toto only)

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the unity thing isnt loading for me for some reason

Haven't been around since it was just Samga, Absolutely smitten with this game, the art, the minigames, fantastic animations and creative power-ups. Sadly I had an issue where my game froze during the Endurance H-scene. Absolutely can't wait for the next update!!

It's possible that it was my browser freezing, I've had it freeze up on two other games since, so it's probably not an issue with the game. Either way it was in the third round, when I'd gotten a "tempo up" and the game only froze for a brief while.

RegulusNSFW responds:

Thanks for the compliments ^^... That is strange though... first time I've heard of that. I'll keep tabs on it. If your up for a bit of elaboration, when did it freeze within the scene? Was it a hardlock(game completely ceases to run), or a softlock(game still seems to run, but interaction is locked)?

*EDIT* - Hmm alright, I'll still keep it written down in case more instances come up. Thanks for letting me know either way.

Love it,animation's are smexy,can tell there was dedication to make it this far. not much of a horn dog but rather a beat dog.Honestly on point throughout each track being on sync even with tempo increase. Look forward to the next builds.

RegulusNSFW responds:

Thanks! v0.4 drops on the 1st, and it has a manual sync function as well to ensure things are as accurate as possible(along with more content of course).

Love this game

good game but i think the widow of getting a perfect is to small

RegulusNSFW responds:

Heyo, thanks for playing! Glass modifiers should help you with scoring perfect hits(you probably already saw that). Aside from that, on an actual technical standpoint, the next version features a "manual sync" which should help with the accuracy with perfects.

As for the actual current threshold for perfects, there isn't a plan to make it bigger at the moment, but the game is still in an early state. Lots of balance changes do happen from build to build. I do keep track of feedback on such things though, so I appreciate it.