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Note: The game is undergoing a FULL re-code! Expect a huge change! It is recommended you lay off reviewing it for the next day or two!

Your character can shift between dimensions for some reason. Use that to your advantage by going through places you shouldn't be able to!

( Supports Mobile Devices! )

This is the demo/beta version of Again!

There WILL be updates, so be sure to check in once in a while!


Arrow keys - Move

Shift - Shift

R - Restart

Esc - Return to menu

OR use mobile controls displayed on screen.

You can skip the intro by pressing any key.

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The Team & Credits:

Graphics: Lukedy, J. Paradox & Various online sources

Animation: Lukedy & J. Paradox

Music: Ted Striker, Accu (Menu); J. Paradox, Master Doot (Levels)

Programming: J. Paradox, Master Doot

Level design: J. Paradox & Lukedy

Itch.io version --> https://inner-demons.itch.io/again <--

Winner of The Indie Games Lab Jam #12


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please make the respawn faster, and the background not go completely dark.

InnerDemonsENT responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We'll update this fairly soon!

- J. Paradox

Bit hard to control, but very cool idea!

People who have never played your game before have no idea how your game works. That seems like an obvious fact but you apparently don't get it. You need to, like, actually teach people things. You need to tell them how the mechanics work, and you need to let them do that by themselves to really understand it. As it is, the first level is a compete abomination of game design. You have several platforms in between the start and where the actual stuff happens. You have vague instructions that don't actually tell you how the mechanics work. The big jump itself is way too difficult for literally the first thing the player has to do. If you fail, you have to stare at the logo for 5 seconds and then jump across the platform for another 5 seconds. Oh, and if you were holdinng right while trying to make the jump, you'll probably immediately die again by walking off the platform before you can react. Please, just have some shorter levels, easy ones where what you have to do is right there, before getting into the meat of it. Also, the background makes it sometimes impossible to see, the wall collision is incredibly bizarre and inconsistent, and the end stage only mentions the itch page so apparently this is illegally reuploaded here.

InnerDemonsENT responds:

Yeah yeah. We got some feedback and are planning a full recode of the game. Also I forgot to remove the "beta endgame room" which is what you're referring to. I'll update again today fix some things and after the full recode we'll save your feedback (among other people's) and make the game more playable. Sorry for all the trouble and hey - thanks for checking it out!

- J. Paradox

The ending makes me think this might be a reupload but I don't think it is, considering your account name. But holy shit, this is so well made. I really hope you get frontpage.

InnerDemonsENT responds:

Thanks for the 5 stars! Really appreciate it! There's plenty of things to fix and/or improve still but we're slowly getting there! Cheers!

- J. Paradox