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Puyo Puyo Tetris Animated

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This animation is a huge hit on YouTube and after recommendations from people, I've finally uploaded it to NG. Also if you dig my animation and want to see more of it, do consider supporting me on Patreon!



Animation, BG, Character Redesigns, Compositing, End Credit Fanarts:

Phui Jing Ling

Characters and Audio:

Puyo Puyo Tetris game by SEGA. Extra sound effects from various copyright free sites. And if you recognize the last dialogue reference from the end credit, you get double thumb ups from me

‘Special Thanks’ End Credit Fanart:

Jessica Kalei Sheffield - http://kaleiworks.net/


Phui Jing Ling.

Lastly, special thanks to these following people for some extra board suggestions and tips.

Hailey Lain - http://www.keyblack.net/

Jessica Kalei Sheffield - http://kaleiworks.net/

Jacob McCaw - http://jacobmccaw.com/

Minunlike - https://marisexmas.tumblr.com/

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The exaggerated and cartoony animation makes the dialogue funnier.

cute A55 animation, funny story, good writing 11/10


"I shall force myself opon him." funniest quote ever

Yeah this has definitely got my vote among all the crap and few quality submissions for Monthly Voting. This is very well written and funny. I love the reactions of everyone. His utter obliviousness to how he comes off.

I hope for more of this guy and these characters in the future!