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Zelda X Link

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Art style is easy on the eyes however, the hands... it would appear more time seems to be needed on them to look less undercooked. Both sets of hands seem to lack a cohesive shape and rather out of place compared to the rest which look... at least more consistent. I take that back, the feet look pretty bad along with the shoulders and Zelda's neck with how her hair just sits there. Link looks alright when smooching but Zelda on the other hand appears to have her entire jawline stretching out.
I recommend getting familiar with how you're going to give your characters anatomy since it seems quite broken for as short as it is. Hopefully as you do learn things will look much better and more refined as it is by at least my viewing, easy on the eyes. Backgrounds are quite minimal and unfinished yet remain pleasant so it seems colors for now don't seem like a big deal. Best of luck going forward and to refinement of your craft.

PurpleLad responds:

thanks for the feedback means a lot, just a begginer at the moment but hope to improve in those areas you mentioned in the future :3

Link and Zelda naked and kissing. nice