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Mult part 1 + 2

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Ok. I updated it a little bit,
added some more. Whatever the part 3, 4, 5.. (I think it will never end, I'm making it without a scenario) are coming soon. Maybe two or three days.
When I have time i make it tomorrow.
Hope you like it. Enjoy and vote good!

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funny DBZ parts

i thought it wuz funny when the dude does the dragon ball Z thing. o and when the guy takes a leak!!

Very solid.

Okay, so maybe it's better than just solid. I gotta give it to you, I really liked the rough edges on the animation...kinda artsy, and I really like details you put into this.

Sure, it's small and all, but the action is well done, runs smoothly, looks cool, so I got no problem with that.

Might I suggest tossing in a few more weapons? ;) Make it a bit more bloody, so it would score a 10 with me ;)

The Kroat has spoken

((( OK )))

Well its like a xiao xiao thing or a dbz fight, which has been done to death, and whats up with the small window, well anyways the animation was nice and smooth, not bad...


synj? he's a angsty whiny bitch.

with that said, nice little small small movie thing.


fucking awesome, keepin coming