voodoo doll (1st demo)

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this is a very early demo of yet another game im making. controls and everything are in the game.

on the first level you've got to kill the dark dolls until you get 20 points, when you've done that press spacebar.
then on level 2 you have to avoid the falling mammals.
ive had to get through COUNTLESS bugs to get this far with it and i barely scraped by to get it here - so dont be an asshole when reviewing it, k?
this is a really early demo as i said, so dont bitch about how short it is.
im hoping to make 6 - 10 levels and hopefully getting it on the front page!


This will be cool when completed, but...

Well, it's kinda weird now. It looks pretty good, but there are just too many flaws with it. Like, it got stuck on the loading screen for me, so I had to right click and hit play. Then, while playing, I killed a few of the evil black dolls, but I never got to the second level. I right clicked and hit play and I got there, but that was kinda cheating. Also, when I was killing the dolls, they got stuck. I was over on the far left side of the screen when I killed one to the right. I saw one fall to my left, but it feel into that pit, so a second one appeared. Unfortunately, it didn't fall into the pit. Instead, it got stuck underneath the ground. I tried to get it to fall back into the pit and reset it, but it didn't work. So it could hurt me but I could only jump over it.

Still, when you finish this and fix the bugs, I'm sure it will be a great game!


looks very promising.



u should make the voo doo dude be able to charge up his voo doo magic and get it done asap cause i wanna play the whole thing..................plz

Nice Job....Graphics Rule

It was cool, and write a response to me plz, LOL
Tmoore1001-a.k.a. Mr. Blonde


Nice artwork, i like the detail, very good work, kinda reminds me of dead babies stuff but anyways notbad, cant wait for the full version...


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2.84 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2003
2:29 PM EST
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