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StoryTaker LEWD trainer v0.3.8 (Demo 3/5)

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StoryTaker LEWD trainer v.0.3.8

Hello! This is the Storytaker, and I’d like to tell you about our project LEWD trainer.

Lewd trainer is a Helltaker fan-game where you play the role of Bread, a normal workaday man who has his life interrupted when a purple buxom beauty crashes into his life. Literally! Falling from a portal through the roof of his home and into his life. Flix is a purple haired amnesiac girl with strange delusions about demons, hell, and harems.

Or are they delusions after all… on a chance meeting with the love sick lusty demoness Modeus. Learn about the carnal exploits of hell and make a decision to either help Flix realize her dream of becoming the CEO of Hell, or train her for your own carnal delights.

Genre: 18+ Interactive Visual Novel, Trainer, Minigames

Main Features: Sprites in the style of the amazing Helltaker, but with nudity! An engaging and comical story, sex senes, dialogue, dialogue options and minigames!

Tags: Seduction, kissing, vaginal, anal, oral, double penetration, demons, big breasts, triplets, training, comical bad endings, and more!

Some drawn sex art and nude sprites have already been posted in our Patreon https://www.patreon.com/StoryTaker

content of version 0.3.8 - more info on dev log

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Nice game 1000000/10