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DOWNLOAD ROM AT https://ookamithewolf1.itch.io/flashin

PHYSICAL COPIES SIGNUP https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flashin/coming_soon/x/9402962

VERSION 2 UPDATE: The map bug has been fixed. Pressing the directionals on the map screen now moves your character 1 space over. Entering a level now works every time while standing over the map marker. The Burger now gives you 5 HP and not 6. The screen fade in/out has been shortened to be more appealing when played on physical hardware.

It was a nice warm spring day, the light breeze felt good on your exposed skin, and thanks to losing that bet with your college girlfriends, there is a lot of exposed skin! Now armed with only a cheap trench coat hastily bought from a nearby thrift store, you are tasked with one goal: Make it across town in you undressed state and don't get caught!

Hop, skip, and jump your way through 7 amazing levels, from the campus to the beaches, the shopping mall, and more. Flash and streak past as many people as you can as you strive to achieve a perfect score. The Man getting you down? Draining your health? feel free to grab some water or an energy drink at one of the many vending machines scattered about the city, or stop into a Pulsar Burger and grab one of their Double D-lite burgers to really fill you up. No shoes - no shirt - no service need not apply.


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The hit areas are way too precise. You have to fiddle with positioning for what feels like minutes at a time before you can successfully enter a level or flash someone. Showing health on-screen instead of hiding it in a menu and explaining why the moving people lower your health when you touch them would also help.

It's a cute and fun idea, but needs exponential amount of work. Better indicator who you need to avoid, how much you can take before a game over, maybe bit more arcadey sense in general. Had also a slight struggle to get into the first stage as well. Still, fun stuff here.

This is the literal definition of a "where the fuck do I go" type of game. I have no I idea where I can enter and the only place I can seemingly enter is locked until I flash 240 people. I assume I'm on the world map since the Z, X, and PAUSE buttons DO NOT WORK!!!

OokamiTheWolf responds:

I checked. It's a bit finicky on the map, but I can enter a level 9 time out of 10. Just press z or x as you run over a map marker. Only level 1 and the strip plaza are open from the start. the rest are locked.

Controls are a bit hard to get used to. But intriguing concept, as a straight woman.