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Hello! This is my senior thesis for University of The Arts in Philadelphia!! It took nearly 10 months to make and I'm very proud of it!

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Very nice. In particular I liked the robber advising on which flavour snack to get. :)

what does d.e.d stand for?

bruh a robbery geting robbed by a robber geting robbed by a robber ect

Absolutely amazing!
Thank you for using my song at the end,
I'm happy it's in there 😊

You wonder how many days in a year that particular gas station gets robbed when this many try to rob it all on the one day. XD

What a cool animation though. I love the pace, the style, the laid back kind of comedy... bits like the bullet partially fracturing the ceiling fan to make for the final knockout were a little predictable, but maybe that's a good thing, you get clued in before the characters do.

Overall it felt wholesome; slow in a refreshing kind of way. Good pace, entertaining expressions and voicing and all. The voicing really did add a lot to it! Likable main character from the start, and I wonder how much that could have to do with the appearance... he doesn't look as harmless as he acts. But even the robbers feel somewhat harmless. Fascinating that even with this much action you don't really perceive the threat, more so just enjoy the bizareness of it all; the nice ending. Somehow seems to hint at that too from the start.