Rent-A-Fuck Cosplayer + Dorn (Star Wars)

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Happy Star Wars Day May The Fourth Be With You!!!

Please enjoy this fun little animatic to celebrate Star Wars day. Written and conceived by DornVA, with additional voice acting by FatBoiiPanda and Artwork by Chimera46. This was a ton of fun to put together and we hope you enjoy it!

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I feel like there should be a missing joke in here somewhere 🤔
Edit: as in the "Storm Troopers miss everything." not the fact that a joke is missing from the video. Just wanted to make that a bit more clear. The jokes here however managed to be well targeted;)

Chimera46 responds:

It's entirely possible that we left a bunch on the table here, as everything was conceived, written, voiced, rendered and edited in under a week. That said, as a spasm of creative exertion, I am quite happy with it regardless. I still laugh whenever I watch it.