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The terrible tragedy

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Author Comments




i added this to some collections so yeah also its a great start but dont make them fat its to ugly uhhhhh HAHA XDXDXD


i still find dis funny even now


I LOVE this flash. It is sooooo awsome/random/awsome. Even though the graphics are extremly cheesy, i love it. Actually, i think the grahpics are a plus! Good job. Make some more cool stuff like this!

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PIT thou art the man

PIT rules, this video still makes me laff.

Utter crap

I have to say, this movie got really annoying really fast. First off, I don't see how this is funny, at ALL. Wow, these terrorists were killed, and some people got thrown off. Your jokes were bad to begin with and poorly executed. Secondly, you make the Terrorists look like retards. Unfortunately, they're not. You also make the Anti-Terrorists look like retards, which is even more stupid.

Also, what's up your your comments on reviews? You just try to insult the people who are telling you to stop before you embarass yourself further by making more movies of this caliber. Instead of taking their criticism into consideration and altering you movies so that many people are pleased, you just assume that your movie is already perfect and that, therefore, anyone with bad things to say about it is imperfect and tat justifies you to insult them. It doesn't. I've also noticed that you don't seem to actually read their comments fully before commenting them. "youve got no heart and even less up in those empty skulls of yours." means that you have no hearts or brains. It's called a compound sentence, but you barely have a basic understanding of English, so I guess you couldn't understand that. Please, before you make more movies or disruptive comments, remember that not everyone is going to be pleased by your movies, and even more people will be upset about disruptive movies like this.

PIT responds:

why dont i alter my cartoons when someone complains about it?

1.because u cant satisfy everyone.
2.because im a genius artist. would vincent van gogh have changed his paintings if a group of 12yr old boys from america said "its gay"? (note how far superior i am too everyone criticising me)

3.if i actually did try to please every child with a big mouth, and adjusted my cartoons accordingly, the end result would not be my own work anymore would it?

4.anyone who is offended by my cartoons is a really the dumbest person on earth. i dont know how i did it, but my cartoons are flawless selection criteria to determining a persons intelligence aswell as moral status: a person that doesnt like the cartoons is a moron. a person who is offended by it is a morally inferior being. my cartoons are like samurai swords that slice through the hidden galaxy of bullshit that exists in our society, fatally decapitating the spirits of beings who have succumbed to their weaknesses.

5. and finally, why would i care about u or anyone elses opinion here, if u do not care urself about millions of people starving in africa. u are a worthless piece of crap.

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Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2003
6:20 AM EST
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