part 1: synj vs. horrid

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Well what can I say? Hmm. It was hard designing characters that might be able to give synj a hard time. This one takes place in a forest, starting off in the middle of a highspeed chase. Horrid has the stone of thunder and is up to no good. That pesky little lion-thing.

A lot of attention went into this one. 1400 frames and 5 nights later, you get this episode. I deleted alot of scenes and redid crap to try and bring you my best.

Part 2 has been completed.

Hope you enjoy it!

the music goes as follows: some random tribal african band (who has no name on the mp3 so I can't give credit), and a techno remix of 'O Fortuna'.

synj = blue. horrid = orange.

The next episode is way far off so don't hold your breath hehe


Excellent music with a techno remix sort of in the background in front of the episode music that you did have on. This really have out an epic battle scene sort of effect especially when showing the insert rock here I could feel the pumping music thriving through me. The quality of animation is nice and I like how it shows the forest in the background and how the camera zooms around throughout the movie gives it a really fast and intense sort of epic movie style. A really nice start you got here.

The timing was rather awful I felt because it was around a minute and a half at the most of just the two random characters fighting for seemingly no reason at all. You need a much better plot, besides the ending was much to abrupt to gather any real attention to any sequel's or upcoming second parts to the movie. Perhaps sometime I will check out part 2 but this doesn't really catch my focus, also there is absolutely no sound effects or voices under the sound of thriving techno blended in with some epic battle music.

Keep up the nice work I suppose, as you've got a real start on brilliant quality, techno music and comedy but it's to abrupt an ending with almost absolutely no plot at all to be interesting or appealing for a replay to anybody. Nice try though.


What the hell was Horrid thinking when he put the stone in.


brilliant, but y is it rated "M"?


Some music background makes me really Great.

Good good


I cant say anythings wrong with the animation

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Jan 23, 2003
5:04 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 23, 2003
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