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Scientist's Escape (UPDATED)

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Author Comments

This is an infinite runner Half-Life fangame, and the first game I've made specifically for NG.

I've specially tailored this version to some complaints I've gotten. After all, what's the point of criticism if you don't fix the problem?

Controls should be much more responsive, and there's a control dialogue that pops up when you start the game.

If you still can't read the control dialogue, press s to crouch and press space to jump.

Title music is On the Ground by Kevin macleod

In-game music consists of

-Compressor Works Twang (Max McFerren)

-Movement Proposition (Kevin Macleod)

-Pop Goes The Weasel (Kevin Macleod)

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It would be better with a score leaderboard

seems pretty ok i would recommend putting controls in the comments

TinPan responds:

The controls are literally right there, in a massive prompt.

But okay.

super fun!! and the music is so groovy, and matches perfectly!! it's a wonderful halflife fangame, and I love the details in the enemies and obstacles. i also love the text that describes how the guy dies, it's a really nice touch! i really enjoy the style, too, it has a nice crisp blockiness to it that fits halflife really well! only advice i can give is to polish it up a little, maybe add some UI and/or sound effects?

TinPan responds:

It turns out the problem was my HTMLifier being on compatibility mode. I disabled it, and now everything works, including the scream sfx.

It's alright, the controls are a lot better this time! The controls are more responsive as compared to the last time. If you press E while playing the game it still sends you off screen but thats okay it's kinda funny!

You nailed the visuals, you've got a clear vibe and theme going with the half life shit its nice!

It peeks in visuals, the gameplay is simple because the game itself is simple and there's nothing wrong with that at all, its charming!

The animation of the sewer you have to duck under is really nice, I like how you're infront of the pipe but not the sewage, its simple but it is euphoric to go under

I was scared I was too mean but you took it the best way you possibly could've and made all the changes necessary, I change my rating from half points to almost full just because of the little bugs, but for what it's worth this is a great game (:! The coding seems solid and I can tell a lot of thought went into the little things of this!

TinPan responds:

Thanks! I'll take into account the control delay issues next time I make a game.

As for the key placement, I made this project in Scratch and, instead of publishing it there, ported it through an HTMLifier. Scratch doesn't let you use the enter key, and my dumbass thought B would be a good replacement for some reason. Still my fault.

I'll replace B with E.

EDIT: Done and Done!

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2021
6:49 PM EDT