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Morning Sex - Part 2

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I came to newgrounds to play madness project nexus and I get this on startup, what the hell?

The visual animation is fun. Not particularly inspired, but still fun to watch. The voice work is outstanding. The length is fine; that's the story you wanted to tell. If I want it shorter, I can fast forward. Thanks for putting this together!

The animation's pretty good, smooth, the only problem is that this is a 3min long gif, the only difference is that at the end it speeds up, but nothing more.
If you would make something like this, 1min was enough, there's no much content

Hmm, I liked the slow pace with the first, but somehow when the action begins I almost wish it'd progress a bit quicker... maybe comes across a bit more mechanical with the more elaborate motions now? A little more hip sway and all to further juice things up a bit...?

Forms are good though, I like your style, voice acting too, just comes across a little... monotone.


Edeshye responds:

thanks a lot for your review Mr. Devil

not much action but i would give it a atleast a 4 start if you added a cumshot or creampie

Edeshye responds:

cumshot and creampie will be in the paid versions only, thank you for the review!