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Slice Clicker Assault

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Author Comments

Time to take down the Evil Tower, but first to battle through waves of nasty minions.

Click on the right to attack the Tower and get Gold.

Click on the left to hire fighters for your Party to fight the evil minions.

Click on the bottom to upgrade.

Get 1 Billion Gold to win (nothing happens!)

If you havn't got Music, toggle it on and off in the Upgrades screen.

This is my first post-Flash era game prototype, written in C++ using SDL and emscriptien to compile to WebAssembly with sounds effects added in JavaScript.

Art sketched in 3D using Curvy 3D

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This is actually quite entertaining. It would be nice to have a prestige mechanism, for, say autopurchase of troops (preferably in batches when their number drops to, say, 10%). Some stats would be nice, too, to be able to make informed purchase choices.
Where are the ranged troops? Grenadiers with AoE? Ice mages with slow effects? Alchemists with poison? Healers? Basic tactics where the melee guys stay in front and a) protect the squishies and b) carefully rotate so that the healers can heal them to make the troops less disposable...

It was pretty cool.. but.. it just kind of stops at level 369.. Would have liked it to continue a bit further. Some suggestions though as you move forward:

1. The pointer upgrades are kinda weak when you consider the cost of units (paladin on up) and the goal amount of gold. Even using an auto-clicker it takes a long time to hit a billion and that is without having to spend gold on upgrades and expensive units. At 100k/click that is still 10k clicks, and it seems to have a cap on clicks per second, so even though I have my auto-clicker set to double click at 1ms intervals it still takes 7 seconds to get 10 million gold (roughly 14 clicks per second counted) so about 12 minutes of constant clicking to get to 1 billion. Without an auto-clicker that is not going to happen.

2. Although the units look cool in battle they don't seem to actually interact. I.e. they swat at the air and the opponent swats at the air without any actual interaction then one fades into the ground. This really impacts the feel of the game, I don't know how some of the units look in battle because I couldn't afford to buy them until after baddies stopped spawning.

3. The bar on the left with the units isn't large enough. Portions of the units are cut off. It should be tall and wide enough to show the full unit without cutting bits off. Is there anything after the angel? Price wise I should hope not, but you can't tell. I wasn't even expecting the angel because the wizard is literally already at the bottom.

4. Literally nothing happens when you get to the 'win' condition. At least it could say good job or something. However, given that nothing has happened for quite some time before you get there. I figure this is something that you would intend to flush out in your final release.

Overall though, as my score reflects it is a good start to a game. It definitely needs flushing out in some future version. For those reading this before they play it I would say that it really isn't worth continuing to play after the baddies stop coming. If you survive to that point, congrats you have won the game, just close it because the rest is pointless. Look forward to future updates, keep up the good work!

c3d responds:

Thanks for your detailed points. I'll keep working on it.
The 369 level stoppage was a bug, fixed it now.

It needs some sort of protection against spam macros, utilizing this i was able to make it to wave 369 which seems to be where enemies stop spawning. Due to that i was able to max out all the upgrades before reaching the max gold.

Aside from all that i did find myself playing it longer than i expected, so good job.

c3d responds:

Waves should keep coming (although they repeat after 500) will investigate.

I think auto-clickers are fun if you want a shorter play-through. I'll add a modest delay so fast human clickers are OK and spam is limited to human levels.

neat little game. not much to it but it's fun for a few minutes

the music is a little overbearing though and the loop is a little lazy. that's the only thing i'd work on

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2021
9:02 AM EDT
Misc. Kit
  • Curvy 3D