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Advanced Invasion

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Giant Defeated 10 Points

Defeat a giant virus.

Powerful Virus 25 Points

Defeat a powerful virus.

Square Defeated 25 Points

Defeat a square virus.

Safe at Last...? 50 Points

Complete the game.

Hardened 100 Points

Complete the game on normal difficulty.

Author Comments

Your computer is under attack from viruses! Play as an anti-virus and fight off the invasion. (Disclaimer: this game has absolutely nothing to do with how computers actually work)

IMPORTANT: "Normal" difficulty is a bit of a misnomer, and it's actually very hard. You may want to try Casual difficulty if it's your first time playing.

Advanced Invasion is a fangame of Virus Invasion, an old, abandoned series of indie platformers by Blublub that spawned a small cult following and inspired many other fangames.

Standalone version of the game can be downloaded from itch.

Download the original soundtrack here from Newgrounds, or alternatively download the full album in one go and/or source MIDIs from my website for free.

Source code

Control Scheme

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.
  • S or down arrow to look down.
  • Space to fire weapon, if you have one.
  • ESC to pause (Cutscenes can be skipped from the pause menu)

Game controllers should work in gameplay, but probably won't work in menus.

What to do if you didn't earn an achievement

Don't worry. Advanced Invasion also tracks achievements client-side, and you can always sync them later. Follow these steps

  • Check Newgrounds integration is enabled in the options menu
  • Go to Extras > Achievements
  • Click "Sync" next to the achievement that didn't unlock on Newgrounds.

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I dont know why a good game with only a little votes

SwiftVector responds:

Thanks man! It is indeed kinda slow going in terms of views compared to my other game. Probably my fault for making a boring cover picture lol. But the vote to view ratio seems to be pretty high at least!

is there any way to automate fire for the part where you need to clear the wave of enemies? i keep mashing the spacebar but there's so much stuff on screen that it doesn't register all my inputs and it just stops shooting while mashing. not sure if it could help but adding multiple shoot buttons so there's more chance to register the inputs might work? idk

the rest of the game was cool so i have no complaints about that but i have a hard time clearing the enemy wave because mashing spacebar sometimes doesn't shoot

SwiftVector responds:

There's no way of doing this in v1.0.0 unfortunately, but I had the idea of putting an auto-shoot option in General settings as an accessibility option so you can hold down space to fire - this is something I want to do when I make a patch.

As far as I recall there's no extra buttons for shoot other than a mapping to Right Trigger I think for game controllers. Adding Z and X as jump and shoot buttons is something I want to do in a patch, as well as just overall rebalancing that final level.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

It was nice until after beating the powerful boss for the second time, when it turns into having to smash the spacebar really fast, in between jumping on the shielded virus. I can't smash the spacebar fast enough and eventually the viruses kill the blue dude who can't figure out how to jump. Every time I want to retry I have to sit through an unskippable cutscene where the characters get surrounded by viruses. I got to 600 once, but I haven't got near that since.

This is completely unlike the rest of the game, which is a pretty cool platformer, if unforgiving with the lack of checkpoints in longer levels.

SwiftVector responds:

Yeah, I want to revisit that final battle and rebalance it at some point - especially for casual mode where the two extra lives don't actually help.

The cutscene is skippable btw - You can press ESC to get to the pause menu, then hit the "Skip Cutscene" button. I'll add a note to the description to that effect.

Wow - for a free web game, this was unexpectedly great! Good level design, interesting concepts, new aspects added over time, much much larger of a game than I expected!

The conveyor level was not my favorite - as a casual gamer, I liked the opportunity to make 2 mistakes a level with the 3 lives. But slipping off the conveyor by bumping into a fire pole made me have to restart the whole level...

Tip for the players: if you are on a block one level higher than the guys with side shields, you can just wait for them to be right next to you and walk onto them - no jumping needed. Not sure if that was as expected to the developer, but it made those guys a lot easier.

Since the developer seems to be reading these, my suggestion to you: think you're doing yourself a disservice by starting with "normal" setting as the "way the game was intended to be played" with only one life. For casual gamers like me, I almost quit at the very start when I died a few times learning the rules of the game. I decided to try casual setting and then realized how large the game was. Because of the simple way the game starts out, I thought there wasn't much to it and wasn't going to invest more time figuring it out when every time I messed up I started over. I'm glad I stuck with it! But maybe suggest first time players start Casual and then go Rogue-like once they are more experienced? Think maybe people may be rating the game without having seen much of it...

Anyway, really enjoyed the game - thanks for making it!

SwiftVector responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! I think you're right about the difficulty thing. I wrote the difficulty descriptions very early on in development and I meant to rewrite them before release, but it turns out I forgot (oops!).

I might rename Normal as Casual as well, since as you pointed out, it *is* pretty cut-throat. I've got some irl stuff to do right now but I do hope to make a patch sooner or later, and this is definitely something I can easily work in. I think I'll add a note about it in the description for the time being though, hopefully people see it!

I like the minimalistic backgrounds and tiles, aswell as the music. Personally, I think you should make the player character less detailed and have just two colors so they fit with the rest of the game a bit more.

In the boss fight of the game it isn't immediately clear that the shield thing on the enemy's head kills you so I'd make that red and spikey to signify that it's dangerous. Also I think jumping is a bit too high since you can't control the jump height, so I'd either add double jumping and make it half of the height of the full jump, or I'd just make where you can hold to jump higher and just tap to jump lower. The jump thing is also a bit of an issue when you bounce on enemies; I'd suggest doing a small bounce normally when jumping on an enemy and allowing the player to bounce higher off of them if they hold down the jump button.

I'd give the player a reason not to constantly shoot the gun. Maybe if you gave the player a bit of knockback in the opposite direction when you shot the gun so you move slower that'd be good. Cooldown could work well. you even could make stray bullets turn red and bounce back at you, which would damage the player if they came in contact.

Background tiles probably shouldn't ever be lighter than the foreground tiles because I keep thinking that I can't go through them and it kinda messes with my head a bit. Normally in art you wanna fade things into the background color when they go farther back.

There were a few parts in the game where I fell down and touched an enemy without being able to see the enemy before hand, so I'd suggest making where the camera goes downwards automatically a bit when you fall and also make where if your vertical speed is more than a certain amount (downwards) you can still bounce on enemies regardless of if they have a shield or not. This would make the game feel more fair in these sections.

Also, I think more visual feedback would work really well. Maybe freeze the game for a few frames when you get hit and follow it up with a bit of screenshake. Maybe have the game shake a bit when you shoot your gun, and maybe make the game freeze a frame when you hit an enemy with a bullet.

I think the enemies should probably slow down a bit before turning or freeze for a little bit because whenever there aren't walls and they turn there's no way to anticipate it. When there are walls I know for sure they'll turn back at the wall but when there isn't one, there needs to be more of an indicator.

Overall, this is a pretty well made game and I'm enjoying it so far!

SwiftVector responds:

Thanks a lot for writing all this! This is all very useful feedback - and it's very well thought out. I may end up implementing quite a bit of this in a patch (or sequel if it ever comes lol). Particularly like the ideas pertaining to gun recoil and bullets reflecting off things, so thanks for that!

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2021
8:28 PM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Aseprite
  • Godot Engine
  • Sound Canvas VA
  • Reaper
  • SFXR
  • Helm