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what did i just watch?

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Jan 21, 2003 | 6:05 PM EST

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ok look don't vote off because your american and can't speak or read anything foreign. It's a lil to long to explain, but probably you can enjoy it by the "wow what a pretty picture standard" the music is....... weird. GOLDEN GIRLS VAGINA IS STILL THE GREATEST.



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"Don't vote off because your american and can't speak or read anything foreign."
Congrats. You just lost my ENTIRE vote in one sentence. That's like a driving sim asking asian players not to hate the game just because they can't play. Even if you hadn't said that, my vote would be the same. It's annoying music (Is it even that?) playing over vibrating images taken from a series of Google searches. Oh, by the way, some of those pictures are copyrighted. Make sure your searches filter out copyrighted content next time.


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i gotta say that i love randomness.... although id never animate in that style, i still find myself watching the odd movie like urs! @.@


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Yep. Japan still plans to subjugate the world.

First, a note to the author: Your preemptive attack on negative reviews by Americans (on the basis that we don't generally speak or read foreign languages) would be a lot more cutting if your English weren't quite so poor. I was only barely able to glean the meaning of that opening jibber-jabber. Moreover, I can write in Spanish more proficiently than that, and I do not consider myself bilingual by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, I couldn't read any of that, but I was entertained. It was the precise mix of Hello Kitty style with the sort of will to conquer and/or exterminate all things foreign (starting with Japan's nearest neighbors) that I have always insisted remains an integral part of the Japanese culture. "You're crazy," my friends say. "Look at the cultural change since WW2." Japan is so obviously fronting.

Truth be told, I don't even know if this author is Japanese, or if the character's that flashed by were saying, "let's not nuke the rest of Asia." However, I was left with a distinct impression.

To the point though--criticism of the work. Good stuff. The pace, the cartoons, screens full of characters that go by too fast for Rainman to read. The primary thing I'd suggest to improve this is better music. There's a lot of fast techno out there and it isn't all so dreadfully annoying.


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dude this is just flashing lights god dam u fcking bad plz don't sumit aother one


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i dont speak japanese but eaven if i did this would still suck monkey dick