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Resident Evil : S - Virus Ep II [15mins]

The story continues right after what did happen in episode 1 [17mins] .

In this episode we get a "deeper" look of what mutations the S-Virus brings out in form of body-size and other modifications . Some are familar and do appear in the orignal game in some way (C,G-Virus Las Plagas etc. ) ...some others are just made-up stuff for p0rn xD .


Ada manages to escape from her prison, but gets interrupted by the evil scientist lady (Annette) , while a new heroine is already ready in in the secret lab ready to "negotiate" with Excella, who just came in the Umbrella hive, to look for new (futa )recriuts .


This project-idea first appear on last summer 2020 in form of Sheva and Excella poster and later started with an 2-4mins idea . After some time and the new RE Villiage infos we got and the new hype of lady Dimitrscu it evolved in a bigger project and long-time fans of the first episode pushed it in the lengh of an actual decent episode you see now .

Recources :

Everything about the models are 90% available on sfmlab . Excella is my custom version and I wanted to give her a different look and you kinda see a similar version in her og concept art.


Additional Infos & Links

Episode 1 Re-done version 17mins :

Since its been so long Here is the download link of episode 1 I did some lighting and sfx tweaks . Originally, this animated back in 2018 so my intention was to smooth out some hard-lights and enhance others so that it looks less SFM-ish. Aside from twitter, there is nowhere a link available in public .

Watch the first minutes (no sex scenes) if you want to know what Chris and Barry want to do and why (intro text).

Public Version

This episode went online last month on Patreon and Subscribestar. The early Access is usually 2-3 weeks before.

On the 2nd tier of both is usually the no watermark - and 60 frames versions included . There are also polls and different votings but depending on the scale and complexity of my episode or my brain :S it vaires when it comes out .


Is the place where everything comes out first and probably earlier in pieces because I cant hold myself :)

For people less interesting in chats, there 1 one room for sugestions and another room for brainstorming in the supporters area and a few other rooms just to kill some time

Thank you to everybody who supported me in these years and enjoy watching ! :)

P.S.: The actionscene is totally on me . Nobody asked for it and I tried to crunchtimework my way to work it out because I love the drive and try out new areas .

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I’m so confused, are they fucking against their will or not?

very sexy long tongue


Superb !!

My favorite characters all gathered together here... nice work, though character renders look a little edgy somehow, wonder if they could've been smoother, warmer maybe... overall though nice work.


KamaDevaSFM responds:

This is another journey of how to set light to later post edit on Vegas. Sometimes old habbits kick in and I try make the best on sfm possible. But this is wrong and I should actually set it that way I can work best on Sony Vegas later with some filters and all.Future will show.

In a basic explanation: SFM lights blends out the texture so you have to be very careful where to use it ,no matter what final sfm port gives as long you can edit and smooth it in post edit.

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2021
9:54 AM EDT
Misc. Kit