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Wanted - (A Gun Kitty Short)

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Uploaded to Youtube original on September 12th 2020.

My Personal Art Twitter: https://twitter.com/GirlyWolfPup

The Team Lionheart Twitter: https://twitter.com/CeangalAndCo

Link to the Gun Kitty Comic: https://gunkittycomic.tumblr.com/post...

Thank you for watching and supporting me.

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Maybe it's the fact that I'm always a sucker for anthro animal action (take it from the Sonic Fan writing this) but i just loved how this turned out. Though the Animation could use some work.

GirlyWolfPup responds:

Oh trust me, I'm using what I learned making this to improve the quality of animation in the next one.

This short above was my first jump into animating anything so I knew going in it'd be rough but I have always learned from experience and I'm proud of this end of the day so it all worked out, can't wait to have the next cartoon of mine completed :3

While I will admit the animation is a bit on the choppy side, the voice acting and art (which are AMAZING by the way) makes up for that.

GirlyWolfPup responds:

I agree, this was my first time even trying animation and while I do seek to make my future animations much better in the animation front, I am still very proud of how this turned out and the reception it got when I originally uploaded it to youtube.

your comment is very thoughtful and I'm thankful for it.

Space animal action is always fun!