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In this game you control a small cube of sky-blue light. Your mission, advance among the ruins of this city, jumping from building to building taking care of falling into the void, the more you advance the closer you are to your "objective".


  • A and D to move.
  • SPACE to jump (can double jump and walljump)
  • LEFT-CLICK to shoot
  • RIGHT-CLICK to dash (can double dash)


  • You can dash to any direction. The direction is calculated depending on the position of the mouse and how far it is from the player, the further it is, the further it will travel.


  • Having contact with enemies, being shot by them and the explosions will lower the energy bar you have, once the bar reaches 0 the next damage will kill you and you will restart the game.
  • Killing enemies or shooting sky-blue boxes will restore energy.
  • Energy slowly decay with time.


  • As more progress, new areas and new challenges will appear.

MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Jvk8JbOiFQ&t=23s

This is my first real project in Unity. I can code but I have my limitations drawing and composing music.

Itchio dowload: https://javhm.itch.io/ttr-skyscrapers

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