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The Conundrum

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​You wake up alone in a mysterious complex called The Labyrinth. An unseen voice speaks to you over the intercom. He sounds... concerned.

You learn that you're on the top floor of this evil megastructure. To escape, you'll need to descend through each level to eventually reach something called The Core

But evil lurks in the darkness. And The Minotaur is never far behind.



​Explore the mysterious halls of The Labyrinth. Collect resources and uncover a rich lore of ancient, horrifying secrets.


Invent new technologies and carefully design your own bases and fortifications. This isn't just about upgrading your turret in the workbench - it's about developing your own new strategies to outsmart your enemies! No two players will ever play alike!


​The time for meticulous strategizing is over. Shut off the lights and put your inventions to the test! Engage in intense, fast-paced, nail-biting battles against demonic forces.


​Take a deep breath, pack up your things, and descend to the next level of The Labyrinth. Uncover even more lore, build even more complex structures, and fight even more fearsome foes!

Perish & Prosper

​More often than not, the ghouls of The Labyrinth will destroy you. But you'll gain valuable insight to replay again! This game is not a roguelike, you can save at any point.


If anything is underexplained or you get stuck, join our Discord or subreddit for some help!




  • ​​W, A, S, D - Move
  • Left-Click - Place block / use
  • Right-Click - Break block
  • Shift + Right Click - Pick up block without breaking
  • Shift + W, A, S, D - Sprint
  • Spacebar - Toggle UI
  • Insert Key - Take a screenshot
  • Escape - Exit current UI or Pause Game

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I have fun playing the game

techeyesight responds:

Thank you so much! Be sure to share it around :)

Things to improve on would be:
-making the sprint speed a bit faster maybe
-allowing the player to place and collect objects in a 5x5 radius rather than 3x3
-having the things you pick up actually go into your inventory. I put the turret in the wrong place and it was frustrating to not just be able to pick it back up and put it in the right place.
-introducing new enemies slower, the spiders and small zombies were quite fast, and the turrets dont shoot fast enough to keep up. I put up barricades but it would've been good to have been told there were going to be different enemies and to prepare.

Things I liked about this game:
-good music and ambience
-nice, entertaining narrator
-I liked the logs they added a bit of variety and encouraged searching around the map

techeyesight responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback! Glad you liked the atmosphere and audio.

We just pushed a version with a faster player sprint speed - check it out!

As far as player reach, we're kind of hesitant about that because it would allow players to place stuff beyond walls, a feature which was abused during our alpha testing and made the game too easy.

For monster spawns, the game isn't designed to be a roguelike, so you're supposed to learn from death and failed attempts - that's part of the game loop, and (hopefully) part of the strategic fun. The game is supposed to be a challenge in that way. Was that part un-fun?

We're a little confused about your third point. Things you pick up DO go back into your inventory, just dismantled into their base components. If you hold shift while breaking something, it will break with "silk touch" and go back to your inventory in full. Maybe that feature was underexplained or unclear?

Again, thank you so much for the feedback! Feel free to comment on this and keep the discussion going - we're happy to keep adjusting the game to your liking.

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2021
12:25 AM EDT