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Miki V.1.7.0

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Miki V.1.7.0 :

The story only begins!


  • I took the time to translate the really beginning of the game. I know it isn't perfect but I hope you'll still like the efforts I put in the translation. It may contain a lot of wrong spellings, and if that's the case, you can dm me to talk about that.
  • I'm spending a lot of time working on everything, so please be forgiving if some or many things are still weak.
  • I'd be glad to hear your thoughts, and suggestions. You can send me a private message, if you want to say something (or if you want to help me working on the game?).

How to set the game language to english? :

  • On the main menu click on "Préférences"
  • The look bellow "Choix de la langue"
  • And click on "English".


How can you help me developping this game? :

  • If you are an artist making music or artworks and want to help me having a full set of original pieces, you can dm me!
  • If you want to help me translating the game in english (or any other language) feel free to dm me as well!

I might open a Patreon someday, to be able to translate the game, and do many more.

Credits :

(I don't have the name of every artists for the artworks.)

Everything used in this is game is free for use! (If you want to work with me for drawing exclusive pictures, contact me!)

Thanks to everyone playing Miki, thanks to the people encouraging me even though the game was only in french. Now the game has an english option, I hope you'll be able to enjoy what is available for the moment.


*If your only interest when playing this game is to "je*k off", please leave. You'll probably won't find anything for you. I am developping this game only for me, to see what I can do I term of creating a story, coding a game. I haven't planned to translate it myself, so if you don't speak french and if you don't care about this, why are you still here?*

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Ah enfin un jeux en français!! Quelle plaisir.

Ce jeux es un bon début mais il ya beaucoup de chose a améliorée, par exemple l'ors des scène de sexe le personnage féminin change de tête ou encore de couleur de cheveux, c'est dommage.

Dans l'ensemble ces un bon jeux, hâte de voir avec un mis a jours ce que ca pourrait donner