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Pack a Block

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✿ 10+ unlockable colour-variations ✿

♣ made in 48 hours ♣


[ downloadable version ]

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Decided to play all the Kultisti games. This one HAS to be my favorite so far. I've spent so long playing it, and its getting me excited for all your other games! Keep up the good work <3

Really good idea! What I'd recommend is that the time is reset every time you are done placing a certain amount of blocks. But overall, great game!

i like this game, but it was slightly confusing, such as the triangles

i love the atmosphere and how the game feels!! but i couldn't really tell what the half blocks were for?

Got the highest score while playing DND and my character was asleep.

Anyhow, Loved the puzzle and the pressure slowly ramping up as the timer gets lower and you're forced to sacrifice pieces constantly for just a bit more time to get that next score boost. It's addicting.
One gripe I have is what the heck is the point of the slant block other than just free time to sacrifice? Also, I feel like once the shapes get bigger, there's no point in trying to predict the other color's shapes. So your best option is just to spam them off to the side and smack them with the hammer when you're low on time.

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3.87 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2021
3:07 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 2