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First Time Fooling (LOOP)

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First Time Fooling: Animation Loop

Lily and Shay-Ki, Original Characters of mine and Shay-Ki Fullalove.

My very first attempt at animation.


Animation: Myself

Lily VA: Myself

Shay-Ki VA: Shay-Ki Fullalove

Sound Editing: Shay-Ki Fullalove

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better than most flash vids so keep on the good work and can't wait a full vid with improvements. =)

Nami955 responds:

Thank you so much! I probably wont make a full / extended version of this since I just been learning animation and trying to get a grasp on the basics, most of them are loops so far, but I do plan on making extended / full animations in the future when I get a better handle on what I'm doing! x

I don't really think it's bad, If I had to pick out something I had a problem with it would be the face, that and the pace of the animation's speed. Little titty squad for the win though ❤️.

Nami955 responds:

Thanks so much! Yeah it was my first animation and I realised how weird the face looked with the sudden movements, but I think I learned a lot from it and am trying to improve with each one!

great animation but needs some work on facial expression also some bigger boobs would be nice tho ... ngl

Nami955 responds:

Thanks! It was my first time so it was pretty rough I know haha, also it's my persona OC and I got itty bitties so that's what she's working with!

5/5? The design is weak,The background is fine,The animation is bare minimum and w/e is going on with the head is a wtf.

The lower body of the girl is well done but the upper body is a mess,Voice acting is fine for a 2 second loop.

I honestly would of gave it a half a star but when you got people that just spam 5/5 for something that clearly isn't without saying what they like about it, annoys me so not on you that you lost that half a star, it's on the people who keep bsing

Nami955 responds:

Haha sorry, It was my very first attempt at animating, so I was just getting a hang of the basics. Also don't worry about the low rating, it's honestly meaningless to me so no hard feelings!


Nami955 responds:

Thank you so much! x