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Crimson Keep Chapter 6

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I am fully aware that this is currently unplayable as an embed so please refrain from sending me a message to inform me that it doesn't work. Until Newgrounds Player stops being derpy (if they ever update it well enough to play) then you will be able to play here. Until then, this will serve as a placeholder, to notify people that the chapter is released.

The most up to date versions of my game can be found on my discord server under the #public folder in both .exe and .swf format. I recommend getting a hard-copy to play.

Hardcopies of the game can be found here.


If you have any issues or want to report bugs, I kindly ask that you'll contact me in the appropriate channels on discord. Thanks!

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anyone have any tips on how to beat the mercury gril. like levels coveneants etc.

The elemental fight is terrible

I agree with TheCrtiic2. Not to mention the same audio in all the chapters, you could change the audio for different chapters. The gallery is the same basic and boring. Rinse and repeat trying to fucking save Cali's ass. No personality in none of the characters. Especially the girls like tsundere horny or nice horny. Or virgin horny. Just one of the 3. Honestly feels as if you were so focused on the hard combat that you couldn't do animations for no named girls or look alikes with no names AND you added hard grinding like bruh.

I'm pretty sure people only play these because of the porn. Without it this game would have like 2-3 stars on each chapter. The movement is slow, and even slower since each 30 seconds of you walking results in an even slower-paced turn based battle that ends with a shitty creampie simulator. Each enemy gets spongier and spongier as you progress through the game, and gets even higher with each chapter, it's extremely grind-based, the combat and progression are way too linear, the bosses are literally just a regular enemy that looks slightly different and has that shitty generic tsundere personality with overly high stats. I've completely given up on the actual game and instead just go for the gallery. Without the gallery the game wouldn't have the 4 and a half stars it has. Most people here only voted high ratings because they couldn't play the game and haven't bothered to grow a single braincell and get the game standalone on the discord server. Or knew they can and just refused to because they're fucking 13 and can't join nsfw discord servers from their helicopter parents.
The gameplay is extremely repetitive, and I didn't even like it before it got repetitive.
It's just too fucking slow and straightforward. Lightning bolt, tempt. Lightning bolt, tempt. Lightning bolt, temp. That's the whole meta. The only thing that freshened it up a little was the steam reavers that you couldn't tempt, but that's pretty much it. A difficulty slider won't fix it, but removing the shitty time mechanic, and making the openings of each battle just instant, removing the "victory" thing alltogether or just making it go faster, and instead of making enemies spongy as fuck just to make it difficult, do it the way Epic Battle fantasy did it. Make enemy encounters optional for most of the time, but more rewarding, and only for some places you'd HAVE to fight them to get to the next part. Make the player walk faster. Make the whole fucking game not depend on RNG.
The only good part of it is the gallery, the artstyle, smooth animations and sound design. Soundtrack is garbage. Can be fixed by making it not sound like the artist was fucking tone deaf, and removing all the damn stereo mix. That is all.

The combat gets more ridiculous with each new chapter. You do a great job with the art and story but revamping the combat every single time and making it even more frustrating. Needed to restart the chapter and grind a few levels because the first obsidian imp guard (not the boss) that attacks you just does 600 dmg and then another 600 dmg in quick succession and that is literally my entire healthbar before i can heal. I think you should implement a universal difficulty slider at least for the next one.. And maybe add passive bonuses for the covenants? I personally would enjoy getting a little bit more power. Also the 50% defense on the slime covenant seems pretty useless, since it barely affects the damage i take.