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Elana, Champion of Lust. ARENA (Beta)

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Clean all worlds from destruction spawns while learning new skills and discovering new friends to fight!

A subproduct minigame of Elana, Champion of Lust, Chapter 3 focused on combat with a ton of animations and a fair amount of game play. 

Hope you'll enjoy it!

You can download versions for Windows here: https://elanachampionoflust.blogspot.com/p/minigames.html

You can support us and help us develop this games here:


Music by: Kupo

Erotic audio by: www.listentopo.com and https://missmoonified.newgrounds.com/

if you want to watch our news and and announcements, dont forget to check our blog and twitter:



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This would be the worlds best sex game ever made if maybe it was a little looser on the intensity of how hard it is to win the battles, sure if you loosen that up it would make the game easy for those who want to pay attention, but it would free up the ability to fap and play around with different positions and give the player the actual ability to watch and enjoy the scenes. Either that or some sort of free fuck mode where you cant loose or something. All that and a final boss would be nice.

knotgames responds:

Thanks for the review!

We are close to finish chapter 3 and then we'll do smaller projects to publish them more often. One of those will probably be a better and more polished version of this Arena game ^^

Needs a gallery. It's really hard to enjoy the lewd content when you have to pay attention to things and change up positions in order to not lose.

I will give my feedback based off each character
(i won't remember the names of all the attacks)

Elana - She's pretty balanced but not the best
Mambo attack- honestly even maxed out it felt pretty worthless and tired herself out more than the enemy
Visions- very powerful possibly her most broken ability turns a high power into even higher
spontaneous arousal- pretty good it felt like it worked the way it was supposed to
recovery ability- pretty standard not too over powered but not too underpowered

Guy Spirit- Literally could be an unstoppable white mage with the right build.

sex sense- I thought this was worthless at first, but my god the level 3 where you give 500 mana to a partner is ridiculous for almost free.
unlimited power- literally game OP in many senses you could take out a good deal of ppl with it
recovery- it was probably the cheapest recovery making unlimited power even more powerful
Transfusion- First off it revives at full health and full turbo when at max level, with this ability and the healing you could go on for almost forever with the right build.

four arm- literally felt so weak even at max that it was not worth using
dark cloak- best ability she had it was a nice defense shield even if too expensive
baroness aura- It actually felt like it worked the opposite way it was supposed to every time I turned it on she lost everything faster and whats the point of marking the whole team if it only lasts 7 seconds at max you can't fuck mulitiple opponents at once
lust breath- works pretty good actually think it works best as an autocast ability with how cheap it is and in fact a lot of times it did auto cast.

divination- This one is much less useful because all it does is tell you what their favorite position is.
stamina suck- pretty powerful in a sense she rivals the guy spirit
lend- Its an okay abliity but I much prefer her stamina suck ability
lust essence- use when health is high as its like a poision that works well with enough time

*note* I did not make her a balanced character
sex devotion- very nice shield esp against those beserkers that would do a killing blow
unleashed- works well with bouncy but it needs either encourage or sex devotion to balance it out
bouncy- Heavy damage at first but lasts barely any time, actually thinking back it only added like 20 damage to attacks and the damage to yourself seemed too much of a cost to use it.
encourage- very nice healing ability works well with sex devotion she needs a lot of vigor to make use of the two abilities shes almost on par with belladon with staying alive

Overall its a lot better of a system than previous battle systems youve had

As always I LOVE your games, makes me wish I could make our own world like this

I played through this a second time and understood the battle system much more. I'm terrible at focusing on instructions in games sometimes so the first time was a little more rough. The second time I walked through every single encounter without losing. Part of that was better understanding of leveling up but also certain abilities were just soooooo powerful.

Keep it up you're games always give me soooo much entertainment.

knotgames responds:

Thank you very much for the review and the kind words!

This feedback will be very helpful!

Came for boobs, stayed for the gameplay - it's great, but please, consider the ability to choose skills and spells with a keyboard :3

knotgames responds:


We note it for future updates!

HAHAHAHAHA OP COMBO ....Spirit with Auro Heal and Unlimited Power !! LETS GOO OxDDD