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"The Wasp in the Windowsill" by WorldofFood Ft. Femtastico

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"Wasp in the Windowsill" by WOF apart of the album "The Clocktower" (2014)

Conceptualized thoughts May 18th 2020

First draft script written August 6th 2020

Real production started March 14th 2021

Completed March 24th 2021



We fear the unknown more than we fear whats right in front of us. Watch your back.



First animation done using OpenToonz, the animation itself is a bit sketchy but that's how I'll learn. I drew a concept and small test animation of her singing back in May 2020. I put off the project for awhile. I wrote a script and knew the general idea of the video I wanted to make. A dark purple nightmare as Evan worked on his computer. This is the first animation that I mostly did via computer drawing with OpenToonz. Initial tests with the program proved satisfactory and ultimately became my preferred way of animating due to the less resources, time, and energy used. Scanning drawings, and editing in photoshop for so long was a costly mistake. Buying paper and keeping old drawings is no longer such a big issue. Now its space management on the computer. I am still using Sony Vegas however, tutorials usually cite that they use video editing software to put their things together. Due to the change I was able to beat my record of single frames drawn for an animation at something like 120, previously somewhere around 50 to 60. I like this song it reminds me of the intros to Kingdom Hearts except ya know the growling parts.


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