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Pupper Paleolithic (48Hours)

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This short film about a caveman and a wolf was made by me for last year's 48Hours, in which competitors across New Zealand had exactly 48 hours to make a film that includes certain elements revealed in the first minute of the contest. In 2020, those elements were: An arc shot, a photograph, and an echo.

To make things more difficult, 2020's 48Hours just happened to take place during the country's (in)famous Covid-19 Lockdown, so going out in public or bringing in actors from outside of one's isolation bubble were strictly forbidden. Which is not such a big issue for animators, who were apparently quite well represented! Six different "genres" were assigned to the filmmakers, and mine was one that hadn't been in the competition previously: "the unwanted guest".

Pupper Paleolithic, winning third place overall, got tons of positive feedback, so that success, along with later help of generous people on Patreon, motivated me in developing the short into (what is intended to be) a series, the first episode of which is to be released in early April 2021. That's, like, next week! Exciting stuff!

A brief trailer for the new episode follows the ending credits, so stick around for that!

For more sneak previews and details of upcoming episodes, follow (and, if you can, support) me on Patreon: patreon.com/TooMuchSpareTime

Oh yeah one more thing - Happy National Puppy Day!

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Now that looks like a series I can get behind.

Keen, looking forward to it Mr Kepple!

I'm very impressed you made this within just 48 hours. Amazing! Keep up the great work and good luck with the series :)

This is so extremely looney-tuney, it's my new favorite thing

I feel bad for the kitty. But the movie is awesome

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Mar 24, 2021
5:46 AM EDT
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