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_-_-_READ THIS FIRST _-_-_-_
before you watch I just wanted to let people know that this is not complete and will not be completed.

YEP, yet another cancelled version. I just can't seem to finish a project. The good news is I cancelled it to create a big project I've been working on for quite some time. If you haven't seen parts 1 and 2. watch those before watching this.

ouwiie top 5. Maybe I might just finish off this project.

Ive checked out the reviews and I've noticed, there is alot of people that are bitching about how sick it is. Well no shit it is sick. Thats what I intended on. To gross people out. Much like Scary Movie/Not Another Teen movie, hence the name...
Another thing the reason why the second part doesn't get to anything and isn't funny is because it is NOT FINISHED. make sence?

But thanks too all who loved it. Not Another RPG 4 Is coming along well and so is my game. Thanks all.


milk balloon.

SICK!! that was awesome. finish it though. i cant stand people who start something then dont finish it.

((( CONGRATS )))

Well not bad, like the style, and congrats on 2nd place that was cool, anyways keep up the style and finish it up...





Despite all the negative statements people have made, I thought it was funny and cant wait to see the next one.

I'm sorry

I'd hate to give such a bad rating but that movie had NOTHING to it, I mean it looked like you started working on it, then just got lazy, and that reflects on your work, all you have is a funny little part to go on, I think it was pointless for you to put it up with how abrupt you end it, it looked like you worked a few mins than quit. You did a good job with how far it went, but if your going to start something atleast finish it for the people who do like it

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2003
11:28 PM EST
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